Thursday, March 16, 2006

I don't want to change the world, I'm not looking for a new England

Last night I had another band practice with Nenu. We have started discussing band names.
If you have any ideas send them my way please... I have a few ideas, but nothing solid yet. Things that sounded good after a few drinks don't sound so pretty this morning.

I’m going back in the studio this weekend to work on more songs and fix the one that I started last weekend. Hopefully I’ll have something ready for public consumption by Sunday night. I would love to not go to work for the next week and lock myself down at the studio until I came out with a finished product. It is where my head is anyhow. I am completely consumed by it.


Michelle Auer said...

3 pretty girls and a lawyer inspired by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (sometimes even covering them) but mostly writing songs in that genre. With a twist of powerpop. Bittersweet lyrics sung in a very sweet way.

AndyP (Seattle, WA) said...

Michelle...I like those names which share the commonn middle word, so for you I am feeling :

Sugar Twin Reverb


perhaps my old fav (Which I was saving, but you can have it).

Full Nelson Reilly

Michelle Auer said...

Andy- Great names! They will be on the list for sure.

Earl said...

Michelle, I used and came up with the following options with my name, among others that I shall not repeat:

Fred Smacks Back
Fred Gives
Progressive Fred Clamp

I like the first one best. You're welcome to insert your own name or another. :-) Nenu Smacks Back has a good ring to it.

Earl said...

I mean

Michelle Auer said...

Hahaha! Fred, I entered my name and this is what it came up with:

Michelle Man-eating-bear Gothic Kitten

It is like it could see into my soul or something. :-)

Anonymous said...

there is this name I always liked but never had a chance to use and I am solo now so I'll pass the torch if you like it:

Puppets in Pennyland

Mira Manga said...

Ooo christening the Nenu / Red project!

Something like "The Fire Orchids" or.."The Lily Marlenas" - wow, I am such a sissy girly with the flowery names!

I'm gonna think of a tonne more and throw them at ya!

Anonymous said...

I've been playing with the website and found one I *really* like:
The Revolving Evermore.
By the way, are you sure it's wise to use the term "powerpop" 'round these parts? ;-)

Michelle Auer said...

Powerpop- loud and proud! :-)

Ever since I saw that interview I must say I love to abuse the word.

Crystal- There is talk of a Posies AK show. Will let you know if it happens!

Anonymous said...

Posies show-that would be awesome...if you give me a heads up I can be the first to request to do the review for the Press--I hope you would come too!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...and I should open for them! Ha! Yes...ask them to request me. That would be sweet...did you listen to my song on myspace? I'm getting a lot of great response and I'm excited to finish my's the sound track to my movie which is entering pre-production stage...I'm going to meet with a filmmaker in Florida in the next couple months whose gonna over-see the editing and all excited! Wait, is this your journal or mine? hahaha~

me, myself and I said...

How about Dazzle?

Seeing as we will all be, by your beauty and talent.


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