Monday, March 13, 2006

Giving you good reviews in modern press...

OK, so I just got the best review ever from the lovely *Mira who was persistent and made me tell her where my secret song is hiding. After what she wrote back I feel I can retire from music as I could never again hope to ever have anyone give me a better review. I don't totally believe her, but I sure love her for saying it. I seriously owe this girl a big kiss when she gets to the states!

(*I hope she doesn't kill me for re-posting her email here, but I have to so the next time I am feeling all down I will know where to find it.)

Wow, I'm all tingly in the back of my neck from your
sweet voice. That is a beautiful song and your voice
sounds like an orchid, delicate and vulnerable... I
love it, love it, love it! You are absolutely crazy to
think that this is a "really rough" demo.

The chorus is perfect and the melody just dances
so lightly down those notes. I know a little of the
story so the lyrics really resonate.

Wow, what a wonderful feeling :)

Good work Red! Encore, encore!!!


Mira Manga said...

Aww soppy am I?!

Earl said...

I want to hear it too! But I won't push. I'll bet everyone wants to hear it after reading Mira's email! How sweet is that.

Anonymous said...

dammit! I've heard you sing, give me the goods lady!

Michelle Auer said...

Holly- I know you have heard me sing, hell you have sang with me on a stage before.
You live upstairs from me. I can't imagine you have not heard the song a million times already live and through your floor. :-) But I will loan you the CD.

After all of the nice things Mira said I am not sure I can ever let anyone hear it just because the expectations will be too high now. I promise there will be something very public after this weekend.

Anonymous said...


was very looking fwd to seeing/meeting jon/you at sxsw :-(

waiting patiently for ja tour through the south (*fingers crossed for dallas*)

waiting patiently for new ja music to set on repeat in the car

waiting patiently for ma music now, too

*fingernails tapping on desk*

yes, waiting patiently because they say good things come to those who wait and from the likes of you two i know this to be true...



front and center in dallas, tx
(whenever it happens, that is),


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