Monday, March 13, 2006

Pictures of You...

I was up late last night going through old photo albums. I have one for each year and each phase of my life. This last year has been all recorded on digital film. At some point I will have to go into flickr and pick out the best and order enough to fill an album.
The thing that started to depress me while strolling down memory lane was the high number of friends who appear with me in those pages who are no longer alive. These are people who were my age, in my peer group. They have all been taken out by random/drunken car accidents, rare cancers, suicide and random acts of violence. If I never go to another funeral again for someone under 30 I will be happy.
There was a long time where I didn't even want to care about anyone anymore or be close to them because I didn't think I could handle saying goodbye forever to another person. I found it easier to keep people at a safe distance than it was to risk losing them.
It has been over a year since I have lost someone that I loved and I find myself in a place again where someone I know is barely clinging to life. I am hoping for the best, praying for a miracle and all of that. I have not given up hope.
I will say, if all of this death has taught me anything, it would be this:
When life hands you opportunity, don't let fear stop you. Just don't. Say what you need to say, do what makes you happy and don't put off living your life for anything or anyone ever.



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