Friday, March 17, 2006

Things I learned from watching late night television:

Mccauley Culkin calls his penis Floyd.
I have a huge crush on Conan O'Brien. (He is really tall and really funny what more could a girl ask for?)
It only costs $240 to help a child with a cleft pallet.
They rerun all of the best old movies and television shows around 3AM.
There are certain channels that must be avoided at all costs after a certain hour. I saw something on my screen that I could have gone my whole life without seeing. Now it's burned in my brain. Eww. I didn't know public access went so *blue* after hours.
Actors in infomercials have dead eyes and big smiles.
No matter what channel you fall asleep watching, you will inevitably wake up with some crazy religious programming screaming at you giving you apocalyptic nightmares.


Deb Hardman said...

Maybe you should both try a Benedryl, it's the only way I get a decent night's sleep. Do you suppose sleep patterns are hereditary? Your dad always used the TV for his drug of choice, but I can't sleep with a TV on.
Yes we have been busy playing this week.2 more days to go & I'll need another vacation.

Michelle Auer said...

I'm already taking so many different drugs every day I have a hard time taking any extra. I worry about my poor liver.
I know if I cut caffeine out it would help a lot, it is just hard. I am sure Dad's caffeine addiction was a big reason he could not sleep too.
I have noticed the harder I work out at the gym during the day the easier it is to sleep and the longer I sleep at night. It is just so much easier to be unhealthy than it is to eat right, go to the gym and so on... :-)


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