Sunday, March 05, 2006

you know it has been a good night when...

you have a ticket stub from 5th row seats and a backstage pass in your coat pocket.
you remember having a great conversation with one of your favorite artists after a mind boggling show.
after you leave the show you go to another pretty cool concert and get in for free even though there is a $15 cover because you know people who know people.
at some point, high and happy from show #1 you exclaim, "Let's go drink doubles!"
you actually go and drink the doubles.
and then some more.
and a little more...
you relentlessly tease a guy friend about looking "hot" in a flickr photo
you go hug a girl because you "know her from Myspace" and talk about what pretty teeth she has.
you get safely delivered home by sober friend
you wrote an LJ entry that only states "I am drunk"
since your house is empty you decide you don't want to be alone...
and this is where it starts to get blurry, but I know this:
I woke up in Nenus bed with a massive hangover, wearing pajamas on my bottom half and my dress from last night on the top, a digi-camera full of boarder-line naughty photos of us in her bed, a cell phone full of people returning messages from me at 4AM (I have no outbox so I have no idea what I said to them) and an empty bottle of Framboise by the bed...
I am typing this on her laptop while she is sleeping. I managed about 3 hours of good sleep.

all in all it was one for the books. if i did see/text you and if i said anything stupid, it was the vodka and my teeeeeeny tolerance for booze talking. we will never speak of this again.


Earl said...

That's a nice photo on MySpace! You certainly know how to have fun. So, does Nenus have a boyfriend/girlfriend? J/k

Earl said...

I mean Nenu, right?

Michelle Auer said...

I will let her know that you asked! :-) And yes, it was a perfect night in so many ways!


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