Monday, March 06, 2006

On Fire...

So at some point on Sunday after all of Saturday's adventure, I looked down at my hand and realized I was not wearing my wedding ring. Talk about a heart stopping moment. I was completely convinced I had lost it while I was out drinking and being silly.
I almost started crying but then I remembered what had happened: I purchased this really cool sparkly piece of costume jewelry earlier on Saturday before I went out but it was so big I could not wear a ring on my ring finger while I was wearing it, so I took my wedding ring off before I went out on Saturday. At some point while I was slightly intoxicated the costume ring was getting on my nerves so I took that off as well. Since I had only just purchased it, I forgot I owned it in my hung-over fog on Sunday and really thought I had lost my wedding ring. So happy it was sitting safely in my jewelry box and back on my hand. Talk about heart attack inducing moments. (I should mention this ring has been in Jon's family for like a hundred years so I would have been in some major trouble.)

About a week ago I saw a movie called 9 Lives. I really enjoyed it. I don't remember it ever being in the theatres and I rented it due to the fact it had so many huge actors in it. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by it. I highly recommend it as a renter. My favorite short was the one with Robin Wright-Penn, but it did make me cry.

Nenu and I started working on some songs for a little bit yesterday. It was kind of an impromptu thing that happened after we had breakfast. Afterwards I was very inspired. We have such great chemistry I think working with her is going to be really easy. I have not even seriously considered wanting to step up on a stage again in years. I thought I was over it, but now I am thinking I could see doing it and actually enjoying it. I think it is because this time I would be doing it for the sheer love of music and having fun with my best friends and nothing else. I hope Licia is still up for some drumming.

I finally changed my hair color. I have a hard time believing I managed to stick with one color for so long. It isn't too dramatic, but quite a bit darker. I still have the bright red on the underside, but the top is black and burgundy. It will be easier on grow out since my natural color is pretty dark and always looked bad when growing out with the bright red on top.

And lastly, I just realized I don't remember when the last time I spoke to Jon was. Australian tours suck because the time difference is so crazy that there's never a good time to connect on the phone. When he is available I am at work and when I am available he is playing shows or sleeping. He needs to give up sleeping like I did, it really frees up a lot of time! It also occurred to me that I am not even entirely sure when he is coming home this time. Am I actually becoming acclimated to him being gone on tour all of the time?


Anonymous said...

mmm dark hair!


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