Thursday, March 09, 2006

Parents just don't understand...

So Darian's commentary last night was the best part of the show for me. The show was in a club that is usually a bar. I have seen plenty of pretty great shows there with a drink in my hand. Last night they converted it to an all ages venue so I brought my daughter.
I thought it would be fun to bring her to a place where I go when I go out so it isn't so much a mystery to her anymore. She is also getting to an age where our interests are sort of meeting a fork in the road. I keep thinking if I bring her to different shows one of these days a style of music will really appeal to her. So far the only show that she has even seemed the least bit interested was a Japanese pop band, everything else has been met with yawns and eye rolling.
I understand she needs to rebel, it is part of youth and becoming a teenager. I just never imagined it would be music where she would. It probably is because it is one of the most important things to Jon and I.

Last night the conversation went something like this:
M- So are you having a good time?
D- Um, I guess so.
M- You know it is kind of strange for me to see you here since it is usually a bar. Jon has played here several times.
D- So this is where you guys go for fun?
M- Yes. Do you like it?
D- So, let me get this straight, your idea of a good time is standing around in a cold cement box that is packed with so many people you can't move waiting around forever for a band to start playing?
M- Well I would not put it exactly like that...
D- Yeah, when I'm an adult I think I am going to find a better use for my free time.

Sassy monkey. At least she was smiling when she said it.
What we saw of the show was really good. The ladies sounded wonderful. Darian even said she liked the music. We could not stay long, they started late and it was a school night (literally) so I had to get the girl home. When I got home Jon was there. Seems after a million flight cancelations and being stuck all over the world, he finally made it back.


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