Wednesday, March 08, 2006

such a strange girl...

So there is this girl that hates me. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. I don't hate her. I reserve that emotion for those who really deserve it. (It is the flipside to love after all)
The only thing that she and I have in common is that she dated my ex-boyfriend after I left him. I didn't care. I left him because I was not in love with him and I was getting together with someone else. I was over it, she entered that stage long after I exited it. Heck I was in a whole new theatre on the other side of the world at that point.
She did a lot of really strange "Single White Female" stalkerish stuff to me for the next year after the last time I spoke to the ex-boyfriend.
I figured that he was either still in love with me and that made her angry or else she was in love with me and that made her angry. (ha!) Either way it was irritating to say the least, but no more than a bump in the road as I could care less that some random girl hated me for no good reason. I have so many other things to worry about, I just didn't have time to acknowledge it or engage in the BS. I kept anti-harassment paperwork handy in case she got out of hand or dangerous, otherwise I mostly ignored her attempts at being noticed by me.

Well, today, after a crappy visit to the dentist, I decided I needed a little good Karma. I was walking back to the office with my ginormous umbrella. I saw a nice police man standing in the rain with no umbrella and he was walking the same way as me so I told him I would share. He thanked me and I walked with him down the street.
While we were walking and chatting I see the girl who hates me coming in our direction. It has been a few years, she has since moved on from the boy. In fact now the only thing we have in common is an ex. As she approaches us, I could see as it registered in her head who I was. I smiled and winked at her and she just squished her whole face up in what I imagine is her nastiest glare.

The police man joked "Did you kick her puppy or something?"
I said, "Honestly I have no idea who she is."
Which is for the most part true.

People are weird and fascinating but mostly just weird...


Kate said...

What an awful woman. I knew one like that once. She thought I was trying to steal her boyfriend (which I wasn't). A couple of years later, I moved about 200 miles away. Guess where she got her first job? 200 yards up the road from where I live. What kind of luck is that?

Good blog :)

Michelle Auer said...

Yes, I have that sort of luck as well. Down the road they always end up being the sister to my best friend's new boyfriend or start dating my hairdresser or some randomness like that. Like we are cursed to deal with these people or something?

Thanks for checking out!

Earl said...

It sounds like the relationship I have with my boss! (Except I have to see her 5 days a week)

Deb Hardman said...

Maybe it's a Kharma thing. She may have done something nasty to you in a past life, that makes her uncomfortable in this one, though she can't identify the reason now why she feels that way, so she just thinks she should hate you, but you don't need to worry about it because it's her bad Kharma, not yours.


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