Sunday, July 08, 2007

Where's The Beef?

I know it is bad for me and I know that about 80% of my friends would never be caught dead eating it, but there are certain times (Especially when I'm living in PMS city) that I really enjoy a good old fashioned fast food binge.
It only happens about once a month, but when it does, I want it to be, well, fast and convenient.
Because I choose to live in the biggest tree hugging, vegan loving, foodie food snob part of Seattle, I have access to all sorts or really amazing and cheap fancy food, but a good old fashioned greasy cheeseburger is getting harder and harder to come by.
We only have two fast food places within walking distance of my office. We have Dicks and Jack in the Box. Neither offer flame broiled goodness, they are both clamshell grill kind of places and (I know this is practically sacrilegious to say in Seattle) but I don't think their burgers taste a hell of a lot different! I know, people LOVE their Dicks burgers here, but after talking to several people, I think it is more about the secret sauce, which I think is nasty and always order my burgers without. I am a catchup and mustard and extra pickles kind of girl. Go anywhere near my patty with Thousand Island sauce or anything that even resembles Mayo and I'm gonna throw it back at you.

I'm personally a fan of a good old fashioned Wendy's burger or a nice "Have it my way" Burger King burger with the happy little grill stripes when I'm looking for a greasy meat patty fix. Neither of which are within walking distance of work or home. And who doesn't love a Frosty? Come on!

At least I still have Taco Bell for my late night, after the rock club cravings... for now. (I heard it is being closed by the end of the summer to build condos and they don't see it being reopened on the hill. BooHoo.)


Earl said...

I miss Dicks! (I didn't intend that to sound as dirty as it does).

Here in Phoenix (and elsewhere in the country but not in the Seattle area as far as I know) they have a fast food chain called Carl's Jr. and they have something called the $6.00 has 1010 total calories, 61 g carbs, 68 g fat, 27 g saturated fat, and 150 mg of cholesterol. I've never had it, and never even been to Carl's Jr....but it sure looks good.

Ken said...

Red Mill? Certainly that's the ur-burger...

Michelle Auer said...

Carl's Jr.... drool. I've seen the commercials and am tempted to try one if I ever get the chance. I will have to fast for a day though as I try not to consume more than 1500 calories per day. One burger would wipe out my whole day!!

And Red Mill; meh. It is all the way out in Ballard, it would be closer to drive to Wendy's and I actually like Wendy's better than Red Mill. I've not had very good experiences with them even though they came highly recommended.


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