Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Leather Anniversary!

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary.
I looked up what the appropriate gift would be for a third anniversary (ie 1st is paper, 2nd is cotton...) to my surprise the 3rd anniversary is leather. Now the first thought that pops into my head is one of Jon wearing some funny leather daddy hat or something equally as ridiculous on him. I know, that is so wrong on so many levels, but you must admit, one does not normally go out shopping with the plan, "I'm going to buy leather!" in mind. (Or maybe someone does, but I generally don't.)
I also noted that if you stay married 90 years (Which I doubt happens ever) the 90th anniversary is Granite!! As in rock.
I'm wondering if they were trying to imply a headstone with this one? I mean really, who is married 90 years? You would have to live to be 100 and get married when you are 10!

I decided to get him something he would actually like, and bought him a block of rentals at his favorite video store, some really interesting looking Jasmine infused beer from a local brewery and a map of all of the best wineries in WA state.

It is strange to think that 3 years have already passed. In some ways it doesn't feel like that much time has passed, and in others it feels like 30.
The lady who was ringing up my purchases at the store said it best when she said, "Three years!! Wow! That is a really long time in this day and age!"



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary
Michelle and Jon
love you guys

Suzy and Mark

Anonymous said...

July 11, 2004 was such a perfect day! Congrats on your anniversary. I love you both and wish you every happiness!

Now that Jon has that book maybe I should take you guys on a wine roadtrip!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah....


Anonymous said...

you know..I'm going on my 8th wedding anniversary this year and 14 years together this year...


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