Friday, May 05, 2006

Be careful his bowtie is really a camera!

This weekend I am going to do the following:
1- Bake brownies. There is nothing more exciting than perfect gooey brownies straight from the oven. (I'm not even kidding here.) I have been thinking about them for three days, so I'm going to do it!

2- Do laundry. Yes, it is that time again. I wish I was rich and could just buy new clothes instead of having to wash the old ones. Laundry is so not fun when you live in an apartment. It's much cooler when you live in a house and don't have to go to a creepy spider infested laundry room that could second as a horror movie set. (I hate spiders!)

3- Play some tennis. It's been perfect weather for it. I am hoping to get Darian out on the court with me, she needs some other form of exercise that is outdoors and is not Dance Dance Revolution. (I also need a LOT of practice!)

4- Play a little Dance Dance Revolution. (No one can resist the booty shaking beats of Techno Beethoven!)

5- Edit some of my mini movie footage and get more stuff uploaded to my YouTube. Now that I know how to work my editor, I am really psyched to get all of the stuff I have been recording since New Years up. It is mostly live music, but I have some pretty great bar chat footage. I want to make a mini series out of it.

6- See a movie. Don't know which one yet, but I will go see a movie this weekend.

I think that is about it. No plans to go to any rock shows or bars this weekend. I'm burned out on them right now. I have been way more into mellow and close to home as of late.
Going out drinking = empty calories, empty wallets and empty souls... I'm over it. (this week)


Michelle Auer said...

yes, brownies yum, spiders bastars.
I agree! :-)

Deb Hardman said...

You must've been on my blog when I was reading yours! I just went back for a minute & there you were!
The new pictures are fun.
You are so beautiful, my dear daughter. I wish you a lovely warm & happy day. I love you. OXO

AndyP (Seattle, WA) said...

There is nothing more exciting than perfect gooey brownies straight from the oven...and then place them directly onto vanilla ice cream and dig in.

Earl said...

Did you go to a movie? We saw MI3 Friday night - if you like high intensity non-stop action, it was great! Nevermind that Tom Cruise is a nut - the movie was a fun watch.

Michelle Auer said...

Mom- Thanks! It's good genes.

Andy- Yes, brownies are yummy! We ended up making strawberry shortcake instead. Strawberries were perfect and ripe so I gave in. I made it all from scratch though, even the whipped cream. It was so light and perfect.

Fred- Darian and I ended up turing of fthe phones and pulling the shades and just watching a million DVDs. Total chick flick fest. I would post what we watched but you would lose all respect for me. :-)


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