Monday, May 01, 2006

Dear Kitty-

I wish you could tell me what you want. I am trying really hard to hear your silent words. Someone once told me that cats have telepathy, if that is true I need you to shout because I seem to be on the wrong frequency.
Every night since I found out you were dying you have slept next to me purring so loud that my pillow vibrates. You are shrinking smaller every day.
Who are we to decide when you are ready? It isn't right. Life should not be that way.
Please find a way to let me know when the time is right to let you go.


Anonymous said...

She is speaking to you...she's telling you she's OK by purring. When our cat passed away a month ago from cancer, we kept her at home and let her pass where she felt safe. She died in her sleep all snuggled next to her babies in a closet. Your Gala kitty will let you know when she's ready to go, by finding a spot to hide, to let go. It's a sad thing..My thoughts are with you.

me, myself and I said...

Thinking of you.

Shawn Anderson said...

As long as she's eating, she's telling you she wants to continue on. When they stop eating entirely (and they don't always) is when it's too much for them and they desire release.

Our 19-year old family cat Whiskey died a few years ago from cancer, and at the point he refused to eat, we knew it was time. It was a really depressing and difficult decision but cat's survival instincts are incredibly strong, and refusing to eat is their white flag.

Hope your Gala kitty has a safe and manageable journey...
(((( thoughts and prayers ))))

Michelle Auer said...

She has been hiding in the daytime and I don't think she has even tried to eat anything for a few days now. I think all she is doing at this point is drinking water. Jon and I are thinking we are taking her to the vet tomorrow. Total bummer.


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