Monday, December 19, 2005

Holy Moly!

Jon is going to be home in 3 hours!

I am at work and won't see him for another 7, but still, he will actually be in Seattle in 3 hours!

That is wicked cool!


me, myself and I said...

I am actually excited for you.

Michelle Auer said...

I just hope he doesn't get held up at the AP with all of his music stuff. they seem to think anyone travelling with a guitar must automatically be smuggling drugs. Fingers crossed they just let him through!

me, myself and I said...

Maybe they'll think he's El Mariachi!!!
No drugs, but a guitar case full of guns.

Mmmmmmm Antonio Banderas (sounds of dribbling).....

Michelle Auer said...

I feel a lot like I used to every time I was about to step foot on a stage if that tells you anything. :-)

Shawn Anderson said...

Happy for you to have your Jon back.

btw: love the new color scheme ;)


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