Thursday, September 22, 2005

You've been loved

I love the weather today, crisp and sunny. In my book this is perfect weather. In fact, I would be thrilled if this was the climate year round with a little rain now and then to keep things blooming and clean. (Because we ALL know how bad Seattle smells when it hasn't rained in a while!)

Why does it seem every time I am getting ready to fly somewhere there are loads of plane crash news on the television? Did you all see that thing about Jet Blu last eve? My god! at least everyone landed safely! I fly out on Jet Blu next week! Makes me a little squirmy thinking about it. I am thrilled to be finally hooking up with my man though! I miss him so much.

Today was picture day. My daughter is not a big fan of picture day. She is a very lovely girl, but when faced with a camera and told to smile she makes the strangest faces. Cocks her head to the side closes her eyes and smiles without showing teeth. It looks so odd. I don't know why she does it. It reminds me of that Friend's episode where Chandler could not smile right in photos. It is a mental thing. She also hates the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning on picture day. She doesn't like having to stand still while I do her hair and add a little mascara to her eyelashes to make them pop better on camera.
Make-up is the secret to good class photos. The first few years we didn't use anything and she always looked a little sick and washed out under the bright lights. Last year I used a little light powder and some mascara and she was picture perfect. So now we will do that ever picture day. It only makes sense. They use the same big bright lights as a pro studio.
I am surprised they don't provide some kind of makeup for the amount they are asking for their packages! They are not cheap! And let me tell you, there is nothing like spending $50 on a package of photos where your kid looks nothing like themselves! I would prefer going to Sears and paying $9.99 at least they let you pick the photo you pay for!
Oh, and this year, they snuck the class photo into every pack! Charming. You HAVE to buy one, no choice! All I am saying is since I am paying the extra $$ for it one of her classmates best become famous someday so we can sell that sucker to Extra! :-)



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