Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I HATE Homework!

Why? Look at the name- it is WORK at HOME! No fun since I WORK at WORK all day. When I go home I want to veg out and eat a leisurely dinner, chat with some buddies and then chill out with my kidlette.

So last night, Darian and I sat down and started doing homework. I thought it would be a piece of cake since she is technically in the fifth grade. Boy howdy was I ever wrong.
This was some advanced math! Seriously folks. I HATE math, I swear I cheated my way all through math and then in college our professor was totally OK with us using a calculator so I went out and purchased the best scientific calculator ever and could even do complicated Algebra on it. It took a while to read all of the instructions, but I am good with that, I just don't have any patience for the "Show your work" part of math, but give me a machine and I will find an answer!

Anyhow, this had fractions and algebra and square roots and all sorts of fun stuff.
WTF! There were like 14 pages of it!

We went through all of the pages, did an awful lot of googling a little bit of cheating and got through it by 11:40 last night. YES- my WHOLE NIGHT was spent on math homework with a short break to go to the store and get dinner and one more to chat with Jon on the phone briefly.

In between problems I was looking up tutoring places and pricing them out. I was ready to hire someone on the spot! I was stressing because most tutors listed in the phone book are like $45 per hour!

Too much suck!

The best part of this story: After I was ranting about how if this is how this new teacher was I am going to change classes and so on. She gives me the rest of her papers that needed to be filled out and signed and sent back.
As I am going through the papers this little note falls out of the pile:

"Dear Parents-
You may notice the math homework is stuff that the children may or may not even be familiar with. This booklet was copied straight out of the high school standardized test. The children only need to do 3-4 problems from the booklet so I can get an idea of where they are at. They may need to ask for your help with those problems."


So basically after we finished the ENTIRE 14 page booklet we found out that we only needed to do 3-4 problems!!!!

Darian and I laughed so hard we cried and then went to sleep. We were still laughing about it this morning!


Earl said...

That's too funny...maybe Darian can get some extra-credit??

I saw your hubby and Jon and company in Tempe last week...posted some pics and a mini-review on my blog http://funginaz.blogspot.com/. It was great to see them together again after so many years.

Earl said...

I meant your hubby and Ken...

Sloop said...

Hilarious! That's a great story. I hate math too. Hours of math homework is the worst.

bex schwartz said...

hey ladyface! thanks for the birfday wishes! I hope we can run into each other in NY next week ... woo!

me, myself and I said...

That is so funny it brought a tear to my eye. What a nightmare - rather you than me!

Sometimes they do trick tests where right at the end it says, "Do not answer any of the questions in this test." It's a test to see if you read all the instructions before you start. You have been warned.

Shawn Anderson said...

I'm only 6 months into fatherhood and already dreaming of the day I get to help with homework. Of course as I get closer to the day and lose more and more braincells, I'm sure it will lose a lot of it's appeal.

Unknown said...

my folks both left school at 14 and so were never much help with my homework.

Fortunately, my brother was in the year above and I could usually find the answers to the very same questions in his old exercise books.

Nowadays a colleague of mine is always asking me to help with her kids' homework and I find myself wishing I had google in my day!


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