Saturday, September 24, 2005

Making my list and checking it twice...

I am doing things to get ready for my trip on Tuesday. Figuring out what to bring, making checklists so as to not forget anything. I am very much looking forward to seeing my husband and to seeing four back to back Posies shows!
This has led me to creating a list.

Things NOT to do when attending a Posies concert (By Michelle):

1-Sing louder than the band from the audience so that everyone can hear you during the softer parts. It isn’t a three part harmony, and lord knows I will pay to go see your band if you are that good of a singer.

2-Don’t go so crazy in the front row thrashing around that you smack the mic stand and almost take out one of the singer’s front teeth. Those things are HARD, so please thrash, just do it within a reasonable distance of anything that has the potential of making my husband look like a Jon-O-Lantern!

3-I don’t care HOW MUCH you have had to drink; spitting booze into my husband’s mouth is strictly prohibited.

4-If Ken strips, don’t take that as a sign that you should strip as well unless you are a swimsuit model. One act of public nudity is enough to try and divert your eyes from other hairy guys joining in leads to several years of therapy.

5-If Jon hands you his guitar while on stage don’t leave with it! Also, don’t have a conversation with him about it while you are holding it. I don’t know if you notice, but he is in the middle of a song and wants you to toss it back to him when he gives you the signal.

6-If you see something backstage that looks like it might be lyrics or anything else scribbled out by the band that is NOT a setlist, don’t think it is OK to take it, because it isn’t.

7-(edited for adult content) ;-)

8-Don’t throw stupid crap up on stage like your shoes, your toys, your ice, your cups, or whatever other random shit you think would be funny to throw on stage. It isn’t funny.

9-Don’t heckle the guys incessantly. Maybe a little banter once is funny, but if you run your mouth between every single song, it gets old really fast.

10-Don’t stand around like a lump on a log! Dance, get your boogie on, go up on stage when they invite you and show that you are having a great time! I promise, the better the audience is, the better the band plays!


me, myself and I said...

Love it!

This should be printed on the back of every ticket sold under the heading 'Terms and Conditions'.

Unknown said...

maybe you should print out first, second and final, warning cards that security can hand to people when they break one of the 10 rules.

If they break a rule after a final warning, you can make them stand at the back with their hands on their heads!

Earl said...

I'm terrible with lyrics and when I got on stage in Tempe AZ I was standing by Jon and constantly afraid he'd look at me and I'd be singing the wrong thing, or worse, he would pass the mic...the horror! Luckily it was Solar Sister and I know most of the words, but there are still a few small parts I don't know even though it's been my favorite band since 1990 and I've listened to the song a jillion times.

But maybe there should be a rule that if you're going to sing, make damn sure you know the words.

Michelle Auer said...

It is one thing when they ask people up on stage to sing along, it is another thing when a drunken guy is howling the lyrics really loud through the entire show! :-)


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