Friday, September 23, 2005

The perfect birthday mixtape....

I made three versions of Jon's birthday mixed CD, but I think the third time was the charm. That was the perfect one.

The first one had a couple of songs that I didn't realize were on the anniversary mix until after I burned it so that was trashed.

The second one I had amended that but then felt like there were a few obvious oversights (Wonderwall being one of them. Long story behind that one, but it has lots of happy memories for us) and after playing it a few days in a row decided to drop a few songs because they didn't "feel" right for this mix even though I love them.

So I did some moving around and adding and subtracting of songs and today I finally have the perfect, most meaningful birthday mix CD (That I can fit on an 80 minute disc) for my honey!

Greetings In Braille 3:50 The Elected
Honey And The Moon 4:44 Joseph Arthur
Wonderwall 4:18 Oasis
Natural One 3:09 Folk Implosion
A Girl Like You 3:55 Edwyn Collins
Since You've Been Around 3:18 Rosie Thomas
Vanilla Sky 2:46 Paul McCartney
Somebody 4:36 Depeche Mode
Lipstick Vogue 3:31 Elvis Costello
Sugarhigh 2:37 Coyote Shivers
Anything, Anything 3:21 Dramarama
Mental 4:01 Eels Beautiful Freak
Bright As Yellow 3:33 The Innocence Mission
Erase-Rewind 3:38 The Cardigans
hidden track 3:51 Russian Teammate
Last Tide 2:55 Sun Kil Moon
You've Been Loved 4:11 Joseph Arthur
The Sound of Settling 2:14 Death Cab For Cutie
Wild World 3:19 Cat Stevens
Stations 4:14 Denison Witmer
Homeward Bound 2:29 Simon & Garfunkel
Feel Good Inc. 3:43 Gorillaz

OCT 19 I will have known him for ten years. Wow! So hard to believe, it feels like just yesterday!


Sloop said...

Nice songs! And God bless Joseph Arthur. I know most of these, but not The Elected, Coyote Shivers, or Russian Teammate - I'll have to check them all out.

Michelle Auer said...

Coyote Shivers is kind of a joke song, I woudl not worry about checking them out. The other two are pretty awesome though! :-)


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