Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another way to say goodbye.

My Sunday morning ritual is pretty much the same every week. I wake up, get coffee and settle in to read this week's installment of Post Secret.
I have a feeling that my Sunday morning ritual is similar to many people around the world. It is a pretty amazing community art project. It is art that lives and grows and breaths. I can't explain just how much I love it.
My favorite part is deciphering secrets that are not obvious. There was a perfect example of this kind of secret today.

This is a scene from one of my all time favorite movies, Brief Encounter. I recognized it immediately. This moment in the movie always leaves me with a lump in my throat. It is that moment that all good movies have where you know it is coming, but when you get to it, it still hits you like a slap in the face. Here is the scene on Youtube. You should really see this movie if you have not already.


jane said...

I am so glad you posted this. It seemed to be one of the more cryptic secrets I've ever seen. I'll definitely go to youtube and watch the scene. Much like you, the first thing I do on Sunday morning after I grab my coffee is log on to postsecret. It's kind of fun concretely knowing that someone shares that with me - though I know there are countless legions of postsecreters in our ranks!

jane said...

And since you have comment moderation and I am already here AND you can delete this instead of posting it, I have a question for you. My husband is a HUGE fan of the Posies, as am I through him. I was wondering if you knew of any outlet in the Pacific NW or otherwise where I could purchase Posies shirts. I don't want to buy anyone's personal merchandise - we are fans, not stalkers - but if there were any laying around in a box somewhere that you knew of, I'd love to buy a few. Shoot me back a line if you can.

Michelle Auer said...

Yeah, it is my favorite. I knew exactly when it was, I didn't even need the time stamp.
It is how they say goodbye because they had a last second intruder on their final farewell scene. He just squeezes her shoulder and leaves. That squeeze has to say everything he wants to but can't.
It KILLS me every time! I LOVE this movie.

Michelle Auer said...

That is a good question. Hmmm... I don't think we have any in our place. I don't recall any at the last show. There is a listie who was making Archie shirts fr a while, but I don't know if he has any more. I will ask around...


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