Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Today is the first Tuesday of August, so that makes it the day of our Annual neighborhood block party. It also makes it a press day, and a super long press day at that. Didn't even step out of the office until almost 8PM.

Right now my neighbors are all gathered around the building having a Gong Show! For reals! It is actually really sweet. It seems that Karaoke is the talent for the day. Some people are not half bad. I keep hearing cheers and laughter. It makes me happy. It reminds me of what a wonderful neighborhood we live in and what a sense of community this little place has. We have so many interesting characters around here. This is a writer's wonderland for material. It is the sort of place I always imagined raising my children. It is why, even though we have been consistently getting rent increases every 6 months on the nose, we stay here. (We have looked around a lot over the last few months since our last increase and really, there is no better deal, unless we want to live in a slightly more isolated part of the hill. Still close, but not in the center of the community like this place is.)

I like that my child has grown up knowing these people, and living in this city. If I had not had such an exhausting day I might even have tried my hand at a little Karaoke, but instead I think I am going to pour myself a nice tall glass of cold Iced Tea and enjoy the wonderful people who live and laugh around me every day.

Happy First Tuesday of August everyone!



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