Sunday, August 05, 2007


It was not just a day, it turned into an entire weekend event!

I almost forgot to mention the fact that my office surprised me on Friday afternoon with a mouthwatering cake from some cute little bakery downtown, doughnuts in the morning, and roses on my desk when I got to work. OH, and they got me a card that plays the chicken dance song! Too adorable!

Then the party last eve was so much fun! I figured it would just be a low key party with the usual suspects at our local watering hole, but so many people turned up that I have not seen in ages, it was such a great surprise! My friends spoiled me with wonderful gifts from Sephora, lush and my favorite coffee place as well as some other cool things. (My Mom made me a beautiful purse & wallet that she gave me when I saw her on Thursday, I will have to post photos of it soon!)
Licia brought a cake that was chocolate with white frosting and red roses and had a delicious Bavarian cream center. When 20+ sing happy Birthday to you, you really feel like you have bee sung to!! Even the old guy walking by on the street outside joined in since it was a nice night and they had the front open.

I ended up having two friends stay over since they were in no shape to drive, so this morning they treated me to Brunch. Now I am all tuckered out and ready to cat nap all day and watch movies.

Like I said, I have the greatest friends ever. They make me feel super loved every day. I'm so lucky to have them in my life and I love every single one of them like family!


Melodie said...

Sounds like your birthday was wonderful! You are so lucky to have such a lovely group of people. "Neighborhoods" are rare these days! I now live in one where I know everyone........then again, I'm related to most of them!! Love you Hon~ Aunt Mel


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