Monday, December 25, 2006

And to all a good night...

I have to work in the morning so it doesn't feel like a holiday, it feels like a Sunday. Since Tomorrow is a Tuesday (The deadline day for the paper I work at) I am already getting a headache thinking about tomorrow and how stressful it is going to be, because nobody is going to be at work... well nobody but me that is. :-)

Here is the holiday breakdown before I go to sleep.

Stupid guy ruining friends life left town for the holidays. (Hooray!) Check.
Doing what I can to make sure he never comes back to town. Check.
Went to in-laws. Check.
Ate turkey. Check.
Watched small person open 12 bazillion gifts. Check.
Watched small person dissolve into a world of video games. Check.
Started to clean apartment for impending visitors. Check.
Decided it was just my brother, so it doesn't need to be sparkling, stopped cleaning and decided to actually try to enjoy my ONE day off without obligation this weekend. Check.
Made it through another holiday season without incident. Check.
Make all well wishing holiday phone calls and mail gifts. Tomorrow.

364 more days before we get to do it all over again!
Over and out.


Marcy said...

I Agree With you that I feel that way over again!!!! Happy New Year's Day 2007!!! Love you!


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