Friday, December 15, 2006

Things I like about the holidays

(Just so I don't come across as a total Bah Humbug)

1- The Nutcracker- went last night. It was just as beautiful as last year.

2- It's a Wonderful Life. I always start watching it around Turkey day and usually once more before New Years Eve.

3- After Christmas sales. It is the time of year I do all of my clothes shopping. There is nothing better than 75% off!

4- Christmas lights on outdoor trees. I wish they were just there all year around and not connected to the holidays. I love how they look, especially the white and the red ones. Not such a big fan of the rainbow lights.

5- White Christmas- I love this DVD. I love watching it in my PJs super early in the morning. Guys were just so cool back then.

6- It is an excuse to buy my kid lots of gifts. This makes her happy and her being happy makes me happy.

And that is it.


Sloop said...

I fully agree on all counts. White Christmas is the best; I love its technicolor charm.

Earl said...

Hey, you're not a scrooge after all!

I like the color change!

Deb Hardman said...

It tickles me that you like White Christmas. I always loved it, & got so much razzing for it.


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