Friday, December 29, 2006

Family Ties

My older brother and his wife are visiting right now. It has been years since I have had a chance to spend any time with my brother and this is the first chance I have had to get to know his wife Laura. This is also the first time Jon has met one of my brothers.
We have been having fun running around the city for the last couple of days. I did catch a killer cold the day they got here, but I've been a trooper and getting by with loads of Dayquil.
We have had lots of talks and laughs.

Will go into more detail about all of this later. For now here are a couple of photos. (Mostly for my mom's benefit. Look mom, two of your kids in the same city at the same time!! It really has been years.)


me, myself and I said...

Wow, he has the same amazing cheek bones and killer smile as you.
Glad you're having fun.

Mira Manga said...

Hey, you completed number 10 of your 100 things now lady!!

Deb Hardman said... one wish is someday to have all 3 of my kids together with me again. I miss you all. It's good to see you together. My beautiful children. Wow, you really are beautiful. We must've mixed just the right genes!

Anonymous said...


Loved reading up on your blog. You look so much like your mom in the picture of you and Brandon as kids!
Enjoyed your stick figure music video enough to check out more of your music.
But my favorite post of yours was a month or so ago when you described all your thoughts while looking at items at the thrift store. That should be published.
And lastly...when did your daughter grow up....I missed her when she was up here this summer and though your mom and Warren said how mature she's become I can see it in the photo as well. What a lovely young lady she's become...oh...I sound like an 80 yo talking...let me change that to what a cool looking teen she is.


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