Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Suddenly Single.

I am overwhelmed by the numerous signs of the impending Spring season.
The same day I saw the guy come out and plant the plates on the baseball diamond across the street, another one of my lovely ladies became newly single.
It just occurred to me that all of the girls I spend the majority of my time with were partnered up during the winter months, but are all officially single as of today. (Today is the moving day for one straggler. By the time I get off work she will be officially on her own as well.)
This has to be a sign of some sort.
Brace yourselves people I have a feeling about this summer. This is going to be one for the books.


Deb Hardman said...

As in HOT?

I always wanted snow white hair like Grandpa Jim's & Aunt Bobbie's, but I got the dowdy graying more like my mom. That's why all the gals at work nagged me into color. I'm blonde on top with red underneath, It's kind of fun. Artsy is what one of the ladies at quilt guild called it last time.

Michelle Auer said...

As in FUN. :-)
I let my hair grow out about 4 inches earlier this year and discovered mine has turned a very interesting shade of white in spots, that is why I will never grow out my natural color again I look a LOT older when the white starts to show. Brandon looked pretty Salt and Pepper the last time I saw him as well, so it makes sense that mine would be turning.
I am looking forward to when it turns all white then I won't have to bleach it anymore. I can just be a little old lady with pink hair!

Michelle Auer said...

PS- Don't worry mom, just because I am saying all of my GF's are single and it will be fun, it doesn't mean I have any intention of heading down that road. I quite enjoy being the token married chick (aka the relationship yoda)

phoebe marie said...

seems like a lot of the ladies i know around here are turning up single lately, as well. right as my little "thing" has started to blossom and all i want to do is gush about how marvelously happy i feel and how much i've wanted this, and i have to try to restrain my giddy-ness for fear of hurting feelings around me. it makes me sad. (but not sad enough to stop being excited about what may be in store for me!)

Michelle Auer said...

I am pretty lucky in the fact that all but one of the girls is really happy to be single again and looking forward to the next adventure. It would be a whole dif story if there were lots of hurt and tears, then I woudl not be looking forward to the summer adventures!

And Yay for you and giddy love! :-)

me, myself and I said...

There are times when I almost feel guilty for being so much in love and happy.

Then I get over it.


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