Monday, February 27, 2006

So let me get this straight, I kiss you and you turn into a prince?

Yes, that is me, sitting in a mud puddle contemplating a toad. (proving that I have been a little strange pretty much since birth)
I thought it was an appropriate photo given the state so many of my friends seem to be in right now. So many wonderful women contemplating toads. It is almost enough to depress a girl.... almost.

In other news gerbil babies are all still alive and happy and they just celebrated their two week birthday. They are about the cutest thing I have ever seen. For real.

Now a question: What are the top 3 movies that always make you cry without fail?


AndyP (Seattle, WA) said...

1. Mask - That whole thing is one big cryfest.

2. Scrooge - (Alistair Sim Version 1956) - When he apologizes to his niece at the end and she forgives him.

3. Life Is Beautiful - At the end when you realize that his father gave him the gift of life at the cost of his own...I lose it.

Honorable Mention : In Cannonball Run II, Bigfoot (The truck) runs over a brand new Porsche 928. It brings a tear to any mans eye!


Michelle Auer said...

I'd have to say:
1- Brief Encounter (1946) (They don't make movies like this anymore.)
2- The Joy Luck Club (The scene where she is sitting in the rain outside of her house and tells her estranged husband to leave kills me)
3- Bridges of Madison County (proving that I am such a chick.)

Earl said...

1. Rudy. Tears of joy. I like to refer to it as the feel good movie of the last century. The son of steel worker's hard work pays off and he becomes a hero at Notre Dame University because he never gave up on his dream. I know it's probably silly to most by the crowd chanting "Ruuu-Deee" gives me goosebumps.

2. Family Man. Remember this movie with Nicolas Cage and that hottie Tea (insert accent above the "e") Leone...Nic gets a chance to go back in time to see what life would have been like if only he'd married his college sweetheart. Saddest part is when he realizes how much he loves his family (in his alternative life) and how shallow his actual life is.

3. Just about any sappy romantic comedy that has a happy ending.

AndyP (Seattle, WA) said...

Oh wow...forgot about Rudy...also, two scenes from Sleepless In Seattle, the first was when the radio host asked Tom Hanks everything he loved about his wife and he said "How long is your show?" and the scene on the Empire State building when Hanks finds Jonah and tells him "You're all I have, you are my family."
P.S. Michelle...I loved Joy Luck Club, but will deny it in front of my friends!

Deb Hardman said...

I love you & the toad, though I was a little worried you might squish him. I think he got away though (if I remeber correctly). I'm afraid the only movie I can think of that consistantly makes me shed a tear when I watch it is Beauty & the Beast, & maybe A Simple Twist of Fate. I seldom watch things that make me cry, I'd rather laugh.

Shawn Anderson said...

1. Brian's Song - I had a really bad flu one Thanksgiving and was quarantined in my parents bedroom watching this movie while everyone else was enjoying dinner. Whenever it comes on, I still remember that feeling of missing my family (and it's damn sad movie - seeing tough guys James Caan and Billy Dee Williams get all weepy.)

2. Where Red Fern Grows - A child loves two dogs and loses them both... the first to a mountain lion, the second one dies of sadness. Torturous... why did they inflict such painful entertainment on us as children?

3. Il Postino - Just a beautiful movie... also knowing that actor Massimo Troisi literally gave his life to make Il Postino, adds to the sadness. He was told by a doctor that he needed treatment for his heart or he wouldn't make it, but he felt the movie was more important to finish. He died 12 hours after the camera stopped rolling...

Damn... I'm tearing up just writing this.

Michelle Auer said...

Where The Red Fern Grows is up there with Old Yeller for me. Both movies that after I watched them as a child I felt like some part of my childhood had been stolen from me. Great movies, but not for kids.


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