Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Since feeling is first, who pays attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you.

The first time he almost kissed me was in a parking lot standing between two cabs, one to take him home to his wife the other to take me to the airport. We chickened out.

The second time was our first kiss. It was in an airport in Alaska. He saw me when he stepped off the plane a free man for the first time in years. He dropped his bags and rushed to me. We kissed and kissed and kissed... like it is something we had been doing forever.

The Second first time was nearly seven years later. We were at a party. We had been flirting for days. This time he was single and I was not. I could not take it anymore so I grabbed his arm and pulled him into a closet (The only place in the party we could be alone) I kissed him in the closet with all of the coats in the dark. We kissed until someone opened the door, we handed them their coat shut the door and kissed some more. Again, we said goodbye with two taxis going to two different places. Mine going home to my boyfriend, his going to the other side of town.

The third first kiss was two years later. I showed up at his house with my bags in my hands. He opened the door and looked at the bags quizzically. I told him we needed to be together. He was going to either let me come in or I was going to sleep on the porch. (I was really hoping that he would let me in.) I came in told him I never wanted to not be with him again, it was too hard on my heart. He kissed me in response. We were married almost exactly a year later.

Third time's a charm?


phoebe marie said...

that's beautiful!

makes me want to tell you about yesterday... when, after my fourth first kiss with this fellow, which was really just a brief goodbye peck after lunch, there was a fifth later that night.

and it was a real kiss. an incredible kiss. and i stopped and asked him if it was such a bad thing that i kissed him. and he replied "absolutely not." and for the first time since we met over a year ago, i finally felt like i knew that maybe this WILL go somewhere.

i've been giddy as a schoolgirl all damn day. it seems like it's FINALLY on track. here's hoping, anyhow.

(p.s. - remember when i wanted people to give me qualities for the guy i should be searching for? and you left me a whole list of wonderful things... well, every single one... was him. without you even knowing. is that a sign?)


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