Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Right now all your dreams are waking up...

Today my head is filled with Joseph Arthur songs and my eyes are filled with images of children kicking a ball around on a field.

One of my favorite co-workers moved to a different job yesterday. This meant I was upgraded to a coveted window seat. My window looks out over a transit bus stop and a beautiful park the city spent a lot of money on to completely make over in the last year. I wonder how much this will increase my daydreaming? (like I need any help with that)

I feel 100% better today as compared to yesterday. It is amazing how much better life is when you actually wake up on time and have the time to do everything you need to before you start your day. I took an extra long shower and took advantage of my empty apartment by singing off key in it (LOUDLY) and then I put on a pretty dress and actually did my hair and make up. The result, I feel good. And apparently feeling good equates to looking good because when I went to get coffee a moment ago I was propositioned twice. Not that I ever know what to say to those random street compliments/proposals of marriage. I usually just say thank you and giggle. Too silly.

Observations for the week:

I've learned more about living and myself from my little girl in the last year than from any other source or time in my whole life.

Children are born brilliant. Adults ruin them.

Just because you are an entertainer doesn't mean your friends expect you to entertain them. They just want you to know they care and like to see you every now and then.

As much as I hated my hometown growing up, I am finding that I actually miss it as I get older. I just can't pinpoint what it is exactly that I miss. Maybe it is just knowing that I come from somewhere and wishing I had roots.

Why? and What if? are two questions that will always lead to moments of brilliance or trouble. More often than not; trouble.



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