Thursday, December 08, 2005

wine, women and song

Yesterday I probably got some of the worst news of my life, but I can't talk about it, so don't ask me. You will make me cry. For real. So instead I will talk about last night...

I really had a good time last night. A big Thank You to Matt and Licia for getting me in and then another extra big thank you to Licia for getting me so intoxicated that I forgot my tooth hurt. Sorry I ran out like I did, I could feel the last bit of vodka entering my system and knew if I didn't grab the chance to get out of there when I did I was going to start acting silly. As it is I am not entirely sure I was walking straight at that point. Also I could not resist actually seeing Sean drive with my own two eyes. It was almost as strange as the first time I saw Jason Finn driving a car. Just never thought I would see the day. I love his car, it looks like an egg with wheels. Super cute! I want one now.

My friends, you all made my very up and down day end on a loverly note. Thank you Mira from London for surprising me with a call at work. You are the best! Tony for being so sweet and showing me your cool gadget. Gavin for giving me lots of Gavin hugs which are the best ever! The Capps for playing a great show, all they need now is a sexy bass player and they will take over the world! (Matt's voice sounded AMAZING last night BTW, best mix I ever heard at Chop Suey. That is such a live room.) Licia for being her wonderful self, I wish I could adopt you and make you a sister. Amie for being so excited about being Merch Girl, you actually made it look fun! Sean for giving me a ride home and rescuing me from the crazy guy screaming outside my apartment (same guy who talks to his dead Aunt from a few days ago! No shit! I can't seem to escape that guy.) and all of the rest of my friends I got to spend time with last eve. You have no idea how much I needed that. I was in a bad way.

Hope I was not slurring too much. I'm not a very good drinker, I just pretend to be.



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