Friday, December 09, 2005

Everyone should have sleepovers!

Last night was a good night. I REALLY wanted to go to The Deck The Hall Ball, but Jon had trouble getting it all sorted for me from Spain. By the time he was getting answers from people it was already tomorrow there so it just didn't link up. Instead Melissa and I had a slumber party.
There are certain Italian dishes that I can make with my eyes closed and they always turn out wonderful. Perfect comfort food type stuff. Last night I whipped up one of those dishes and Melissa, Darian and I carb loaded like you would not believe! So yummy.
By the time we were done all we wanted to do was nap. There was a new episode of ER on, and I had a big bottle of Framboise chilled. (Framboise=Best stuff on earth) Oh and we even made chocolate milkshakes!
The only downside was Melissa left the TV on when she fell asleep watching Nick at Nite so I woke up with some crazy infomercial about getting into shape literally screaming at me from the foot of the bed at 4AM. I turned it off and all was forgiven. We walked to work today and it was perfect and sunny and crisp. Things are looking up.


Gina Maldonado said...


I'm from Mexico, so I don't write very well in english but i gotta give it a try jeje =)i can read...but not talk...

mm... it's very interesting this blog...

that's all

have a great day...


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