Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Boise or Bust!

Jon wants me to go to Boise still. He doesn't care what it costs. I have a ticket reserved that he will pay for by midnight tonight. I woke up this morning and the glands on my neck are swollen, I think my cold has morphed into something worse like an inner ear infection. I feel like my ears have water in them. My doctor won't be able to see me till monday, he told me to go to some US Healthcare place which to me sounds like the equivalent to McDonalds doctor.
I am trying to decide if I just tell Jon, I am sorry, I must stay home as I am afraid my ears will 'splode on a airplane right now or just hope the swelling in my left neck gland is gone by Saturday afternoon.

Jeannine saved me by agreeing to play mommy for me for the night. I love her and owe her bigtime for this!



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