Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I want to taste the world
before it slips away
and play with things
before they break
and show you things
you've never seen
and watch your eyes
in the reflection of all new things

Would you taste like imagination?
or memory?
or bits of broken everything?

Because I saw what could have been,
and stopped before it ever was,
it never was
it never was...

Your shadow makes me lonely
and my secrets kept you safe.
Expression and excess turning to exasperation.

I've swallowed what you never taught me.

All I see is borrowed time
and these ghosts that follow me.

Let me play the advocate
and you can be the treason.
Divide me
times three
to find one whole person standing.


MissWorldWools said...

hey i remember the posies! iremember seeing them play pain in the grass 96 or 97 or so...
i also remember all the super deluxe stuff, anyway i envy people like you who can date/marry musicians...me, nope..but i am in a solo act, im trying to find shows after i had to cancel my first show due to family. anyway, i like your poem (is it yours, or the posies?

find me on myspace, at, http://www.myspace.com/julesmusic0 my personal myspace is selfhater.

julie frye

Michelle Auer said...

I actually wrote this bit of prose. Thanks for stopping by!


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