Sunday, July 03, 2005

I still need a cup of Joe.

Our upstairs neighbors went away for the long weekend so Jon and I have been taking full advantage of their On Demand HBO. We caught up on all of the new Entourage and 6 feet Under. We are quite bummed that they don’t seem to have the new Sopranos on there yet. Oh well. We watched the pilot of The Comeback last night with Lisa Kudrow. Not so great.
I really like ON Demand, but realized it isn’t that worth it when you can rent all of the shows you want to see when they come out. And the reality is it doesn’t have everything you want to see. No L Word, and the movies cost you $3.99 to watch. So it isn’t worth it, but it is fun if you are house-sitting!
Oh and just so everyone knows, in case I didn’t mention it before, Fat Actress is the worse mind numbing pile of dribble on television getting the most hype. I can only imagine it is doing so well because so many vindictive women out there like to see someone who used to be really beautiful making a pig of herself. Kirstie is a funny lady, but this show and it’s one tired joke disappoints me to no end. It is sad really.
Tonight we catch up on Curb Your Enthusiasm which is the show that started this “no script” trend and is the best of the bunch.
I am going and getting my hair done today. My sweet husband surprised me last night and said that I could make an appointment his treat. He said he knew I would love some fresh color for our big anniversary party next week. How sweet is that? Does my boy know me or what?

So we are taking it easy this being our second to last weekend together before he takes off for the rest of the world. It’s gonna be rough, but it is worth it. (At least that is what I keep telling myself.)

Oh, and I almost forgot, we went to see War of The Worlds yesterday! I liked it a lot, there were parts that I swear came straight out of my nightmares though which gave me the willies. There were also parts that made me laugh even though I was the only one laughing in the theatre which is always a little embarrassing. Oh well.
It had a few forgivable plot holes. The only big complaint I have is the cheese ball last minute of the show. I mean come on people!



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