Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blow Out- I just can't get enough!

As much as I hate to admit this, I will:
I have fallen under the spell of this ridiculous television show on BRAVO called Blow Out. It is a "reality" show depicting the life of salon owner and Egomaniac-secretly-self-loathing-in-the-closet-walking contradiction of a man Jonathan. I HATE this guy, but I think that is why I LOVE this show! I can't stop watching it. I find myself yelling at the screen like a mariners fan during a good season. It is craziness I tell you. Everything that comes out of his mouth is contrived right down to his "Therapist" appointments where he pokes himself in the eyes really hard trying to coax tears all the while his reality therapist leads him through conversations about how he is feeling in a way no licensed, self respecting therapist would.
He has the ego of a CEO of a major corporation (If you have worked for one, you know exactly what I mean) and he stalks around like a peacock. But then he is moved to tears when someone uses his product and says they like it as though he just invented a cure for Cancer.
My favorite Jonathan quote thus far, "Today not even THIS makes me happy!" (referring to looking at himself in the mirror.)

Major props to the ad guy who would not take his shit and probably would have been canned had he not been such a great spoiler for the ego fest on this reality TV. My favorite quote by him, "What, did your beauty school education teach you that?"




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