Saturday, July 09, 2005

I can tell you're the one that I'd bet our lives upon...

(Imagine a very sing song tone here)
"I’m having a partaaay this evening for my anniversary."
Yay! (My REAL anniversary is Monday, but Saturday it is Party time!)

I am on my way out to pick up some booze and nibbles for the big party. I’m so excited! A year. Wow! It went so fast. That is the thing about being happy, time flies by so fast. They say happiness makes your life longer, but I think it makes it feel shorter.
I remember ten years ago when Jon and I first met. He came to visit me for 11 days in Alaska. I remember being so happy and telling myself every day, “I still have # more days before he has to go home, that is a lot of time.” And then in a half of a blink, he had to go. These days I still stop every now and then and look at him and think, “Wow! We really did it, he is here and not going anywhere.”
All I can say is Wow. Life can be pretty cool sometimes.


Suzy Mills said...

If happiness makes you live longer then we'll be wishing each other happy 125th birthdays some day. Have a great party.

fruity73 said...

I've just had a great day in Green Park in London fighting terrorism by eating sausage rolls and drinking cheap white wine:) I hope your day is as good as mine

happy anniversary!


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