Friday, June 10, 2005

Moon Under Stars Over Me

Finished the Soprano's last night. Now, I know everyone knows that Adriana dies, because she said so in press junkets last year for that stupid new Joey show she is on. So near the end I was of course expecting this. But when it finally happened. Oy! It was horrible! I keep thinking they will somehow bring her back, but I know that they do not come back. Maybe she will be in some dream sequence next season?

I must admit I don't really like how this season ended. It felt anticlimactic. To me it felt like they ran out of time so they rushed to close things, or else they just got lazy. I have not decided yet. Let me marinate on it for a bit.

In random household happenings:
I heard my garden* is attracting a hummingbird this year! I didn't know they came into the city! My mission this weekend it to buy a hummingbird feeder.
It must be pretty enough for me to be OK with it hanging in my garden, but ugly/cheap enough for me to be OK with it when someone either vandalizes it or steals it. (You would be amazed at the random crap people steal out of my garden*)
I no longer grow sunflowers because whenever they get all cute and little someone always comes by and picks them.
I have a plastic birdbath that I buried the base and covered it in rocks. Even then people have tried to pull it up and take it. Truly ridiculous. I just don't get it.

*My "garden" is a small plot of dirt that is about 8x12 feet under our apartment window. Before I started planting in it a few years back, it was just an ugly patch of dirt where people would often times throw trash. I have put a lot of time and money into making it look pretty, that is why it blows my mind that people would try to ruin that. You don't get a lot of nature in the city, why mess with it when it is there?



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