Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy 11 month wedding anniversary to us!

Jon and I were talking and decided that we want to throw a 1 year anniversary party.
It is so crazy to think we have been married 11 months now! It seems like we just got married.

It is true what they say about the first year, I swear it took the first six months just to get settled in to this whole new life thing. Nothing too dramatic, just trying to figure out where everything goes and who cleans what.

Now I can only describe life as a second honeymoon. We are getting along famously and things are really going quite well. I can't imagine life without him. Married life is a lot better than just cohabitation or dating as far as I am concerned. I have lived with a few boyfriends in the past, and I never had the same sense of togetherness/love as I have now that I am the other half of a married couple. I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact it is with the right person as well. He is completely trustworthy and wonderful. I am often times overcome with a giddy joy knowing that we get to grow old together and experience so many of life's little adventures together.


Back to the party. Not sure if I will do a small dinner party at our place or try to rent out a place or maybe try to convince one of my friends with a bigger place to allow us to host it there. It is the perfect time as it is only days before Jon goes on tour, so it will be an anniversary party as well as a bit of a going away for a while party!

Been looking into restaurants around town as well trying to find a good place. If anyone has any ideas let me know!

I almost considered talking to The Sunset and getting them to let me book a night and doing it there (since that is where we had our reception), but I am thinking it might be fun to do something a little fancier. But who knows!

so many ideas, so little time...

Oh and speaking of anniversaries- 10/19/05 will be 10 years from the day we first met! crazy!


Sloop said...

I'm not normally a big ideas guy, but when I proposed I wrote and recorded a song for her. It totally worked and we just had our 5 year anniverary. Being married is fun, going through life and it's changes together. Congratulations on the big 1-1.

Michelle Auer said...

That is super sweet! Girls love when boys write them songs! :-)


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