Friday, April 08, 2005

Elvis has left Seattle.....

So last night was a pretty amazing evening. I feel like Jon and I won the mini lottery in a way. 1st off, our friend Licia invited us to dinner with Matt and her. She had a gift certificate from a client for It was pretty amazing decadent food. I had a Lobster the size of my head. I could only eat about half of it, but Jon finished it for me. He had amazing nummy swordfish and I watched them eat slimy little oysters. (They swear they were lovely ewwww)
Then after dinner we went across the street to see Elvis Costello. Turns out our friend was sick and he gave us his tickets at the last second. These weren't just any tickets, these were amazing tickets. (Did I mention how bad I wanted to go to this particular show, but it was sold out and tix were way too expensive?)
Acoustically and visually there really wasn't a much better place we could have sat at this show! We missed a bit of the first part of the show, but we still saw over an hour of Elvis goodness. That man is an entertainer. He was captivating! He also had these amazing sparkley silver shoes and sharp suit. The only downside was the disappointing Seattle crowd. they were so tired that Elvis didn't even bother with an encore.

Oh and did I mention that we completely lucked into the perfect free parking space? Yeah, that never happens downtown Seattle on an event night! Usually you pay at least $10 for parking.

So yes, it was a very blessed evening. We won the happy Thursday lottery! So thank you Licia, thank you Matt, thank you Glenn (sorry about the flu) and Thank You Elvis and good night.



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