Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I had a really silly dream last night

I had a really silly dream last night. I dreamt that Jon and I went to The Crocodile with Licia. We took my car.
I have been worried about my car, because I think the thermostat needs to be replaced.
Anyhow, we were all hanging out watching some band play. the music was all circus like and it was making my head hurt. I decided I wanted to go home. I spoke to Jon and Licia and said we should go, we head out to our car and see it driving off. I started to freak and Jon says, "Oh wait, I forgot, I told Sean Nelson he could borrow the car."
Now this was weird to me because I have never seen him drive ever. I asked, "Are you sure he can drive? What if it breaks down?"
He said, "Oh yeah, he borrows the car all of the time, it will be fine. I'm thinking of selling it to him."
I say, "But it is my car! You can't sell it!"
Then Licia says, "We have to go back in, we are missing the bands and the next one has the dancing ladies!"

That is when I woke up to my alarm.

What a stupid dream! It is like a jumble of craziness really.



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