Monday, April 11, 2005

Cemetary song..

Took the kids to the cemetery because they wanted to go. (They wanted to see Bruce lee and Brandon Lee's graves, since we live next door, I figured what the heck)

Found a family plot for a family called Eng.
There was some little piece of foil or something that was reflecting the sun to make sparkles dance across it (We could not find it when we got there) so the kids wanted to go see it. When I looked at the graves there were several very small ones on the ground and one huge one that stood taller than me.

The small one to the right of it was a man who's stone read "Husband of Elizabeth Eng"
I looked at the tall one and it was Elizabeth's. It had a quote written on it that read:
"Mouths can not speak her perfections"
She died when she was 23 he died 3 years later at 29.

It looks like they had at least one kid born the year before she died. Her kid or grandchild died in 2000. She was born in 1909.

I bet there is quite the love story there.



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