Thursday, April 14, 2005

down under and then in outerspace

I went to Australia in my dreams last night and visited an old friend and a newer/old friend. We drank purple drinks, we called them grape knee highs with a kick. 11%
Later my dream morphed into me trying to find my way through a logging town full of water instead of streets and docks, I was cold and uncomfortable. The air was wet so even on dry land you felt a chill, I ran into my friend who died about this time last year and I talked to him. He told me to remember talking to him because that was him visiting me. I woke up saying that I can't forget, that it was real.
It was so cold but when I saw him I was so happy. I still can't really accept that he is dead.

It has all been lingering with me today.

Oh and the other weird thing; remember the Eng family plot I was talking about that stuck out to me the other day?
Well I heard the Eng family name on the news last eve. Man shot his wife, then their 6 month old baby sat in the yard with dead mommy until a little neighbor girl came by and found the blood covered baby crawling around in the morning. They were the Eng family.



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