Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Random things I learned in the last 72 hours:

Sticky ear wax in women is an indicator that you might get breast cancer.

Lips shrink as you get older! I knew your ears and nose still grew, but I didn't know your lips shrunk! And what happens to those Muppet Mouthed types with no lips to begin with? Do they get full on face innies?

Angelina Jolie might play Catwoman in the next Batman movie! (Not really a surprise)

There is a thing called the 3-day novel contest and I'm thinking about doing it this year! Why not? I have loads of story sketches in my head and I wasn't planning on going to Bumbershoot anyhow!


Snotty McSnotterson said...

Very cool--I'm still convincing myself to do the NaNoWriMo in November with my sister-in-law. This seems like more fun, though!

Also, I might get breast cancer, and thank god I started out with a lot of lip.

FreNeTic said...

Its tempting. And sounds more rewarding than $50 of what Bumbershoot is offering up.

I already have stage fright, and I'm only slightly considering it...

Thanks for the tip!

Martin said...

That 3-day novel contest really sounds like something I would like to take part in as well. I'm gonna look into that.

Deb Hardman said...

Wow! Interesting mix Michelle, now I'm worried about my ear wax!

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle, I got to that page of yours through a staggering shorthairveryfamilyahahahmanJon video on youtube (you must know about it !) of you and Jon : well... I'm a Frenchman from Paris and I'm a total fan of Jon's, he is an immense artist and I mean IMMENSE : I told him so last time I saw him, alone and a few months later with Ken, at La Fleche d'Or. He's a very nice/charming/witty fellow you lucky woman : I hope he'll get back to Paris soon and please let him play Josephine, God is this song magnificent... but "Conversations" with the Posies is a pop stellar jewel, so simple, pure and immediate, blah blah blah I'm talking too much ! Lots of love to all your family !

Fran├žois Jaskarzec, Paris, France

BLP said...

Happy Birthday Sis!

Deb Hardman said...

Hey Daughter, your voice mailbox is full! Happy BD, you gift is on the way. Hope you had a great day!


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