Sunday, July 06, 2008

Amazing Gracie

This weekend I spent a good chunk of time playing with Gracie.
Gracie is my beautiful quilted maple guitar. She is a Tacoma. I hate the fact she is named after such an ugly city, but they make a damn fine guitar.
She was a gift given to me by a dear friend. The only stipulation was that I had to promise I would play her a lot. She is quite possibly the most expensive thing I own. I would have never been able to afford her, so I feel very blessed that she made her way to me.
Jon says she is one of the best sounding acoustic guitars he's ever played. He used her all over his last record. I play living room concerts for my cats with her on a regular basis.
Whenever I'm feeling down, I can pick up that guitar and play a song and I immediately feel 20xs better.

(In the photo, Gracie is peering from around the corner while Rose is on my lap. Rose is my 1969 custom SG. Another dear friend had her customized for me. He owned a guitar shop and thought that I needed a pink SG. She doesn't get played as often as she should, but she sings when she does get played! Darian has been playing guitar for about a year now. I hope to give her Rose someday, if she chooses to stick with playing. She should! She picked it up really fast and is quite good already!)

I don't think I fit into his Indie world
Guided By Voices and Velocity Girl
Eric's Trip and Rocket Ship, Rancid and Rocket from The Crypt
Bikini Kill and Built to Spill, it's plain to see that I don't fit
He says my songs are too deep and gloomy
He wishes that I could be more like Jenny Toomey
Just give me my Joni my Nick Neil and Bob
You can keep your Tsunami, your Slant 6 and Smog
-Mary Lou Lord


Snotty McSnotterson said...

Pink guitars are as necessary as pink champagne or pink cupcakes!

FreNeTic said...

My BFF bought a Tacoma early on when they were trying to make a name on the market.

I confess: that guitar is half the reason I have an available sofa for him when he's in town.

Michelle Auer said...

SN- Yes, esp since my SG is not just pink, but it is light pink with a champagne sparkle overlay!


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