Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let them eat curry!

I just got just got some news about my favorite restaurant, Cedars. The owner has sold the business and is moving his entire operation over to The Taste of India starting the end of April. The new owners will keep the old name but after a bit they may change the menu. The head chef will be moving to the new place.
Cedars is my most favorite restaurant in all of Seattle! I love it SO much. I go there for every birthday. When people come to town to visit they always ask that we go at least once. Oh Coconut Curry Chicken & Chicken Tikka Masala, Spinach Naan, bottomless cup of the most amazing Chai tea ever, how I love thee!!!

Who knows, maybe the new place will be just as good, but I will miss it. I loved everything about it. The smells, my favorite table, the staff...



Lei Lei said...

I thought you were going to have a big "O" for a minute there....he he he...


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