Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I made that!

My boss challenged us to make a dress out of recycled Stranger newspapers during last week's meeting. I decided to take that challenge. This is my beautiful friend, Bree modeling what I came up with. The hat, dress and bracelet are made up of recycled paper I found in the office.


Anonymous said...

That is so amazing...the weird part is I've had so much down time at work I just started working on a collage last's going to be a giant mission statement so all I dp at work when I am not making drinks is flip through old magazines and tear and cut for my future project...what a remarkable thing you've done...extraordinarily lovely, and inspiring! Starting tomorrow I'm going to be performing at work twice a week...that means playing guitar and serving drinks at the same time which I think is going to be a hoot...but I'll have plenty of time in the week to keep at my collage project to be sure.

Earl said...

next stop, Project Runway!

Michelle Auer said...

I wish! But alas, I do not do that whole sewing thing often enough to be considered good enough for the great PR.

You should take a photo as you progress with it then string them all together in a video like a flip book when it is done. That would be neat to watch!

Both- Thanks! I'm happy you like it!

Deb Hardman said...

You could enter it in the next Alaska Fiber Festival! It's wonderful!

Snotty McSnotterson said...

If only I could have worn something like that to prom. Tres magnifique!


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