Saturday, January 12, 2008

January 12th, 2008

This is the couch we purchased today! The red color swatch on my lap is the color we are getting it in. We also ordered it as a hide-a-bed, so to encourage the Mills to come visit again! ;-)
It gets delivered in about 8 weeks! (They have to build it first.)
I'm so excited! It is super comfy and just what we had in mind. Our new computer hutch is getting delivered tomorrow as well. It is about time. I've been itching to be able to just have a nice big hutch that we can close the doors on when we are not using the computer.
The guy sitting with me on the couch is our buddy, Dustin. He bought a new TV today! It was pretty much a shopping day all around. This is the best time of year for it. Everything is on sale!


Anonymous said...

Can't WAIT to visit.

Shawn Anderson said...

red sofas are kool ;)


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