Sunday, December 02, 2007

If only life were as easy as pie.

If there were a movie that I could most closely relate to when thinking about the time of my life when Darian was first born, it would be the movie; Waitress. Darian and I both LOVED this movie!
I mean, I didn't have an affair with my doctor. I was working in a crappy sandwich shop, not a pie shop while I was pregnant. And I realized how in love with my baby I was a bit sooner than she did in the movie. But, the story still fit like an abstract poem telling the story trying to hide the identities of the real characters it was based upon. I don't think I have ever related to a movie more than I did to this one. I give it my highest recommendation!
It is so heartbreaking that the writer/director/actress, Adrienne Shelly was brutally murdered just before Waitress came out. She was a truly inspiring artist and created something really wonderful. I would have loved to see more from her.


Amie said...

Waitress is the best movie, ever. :) Sadly, Shelly's previous directorial adventures were not nearly as great.

Michelle Auer said...

Really?!?! Bummer. I was looking forward to looking into her past work.


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