Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Guest blogger:

(Darian & Zack kitty when they were both just kittens.)

I don't usually let other people post on here, but Jon wrote a comment about Zack kitty that is so sweet and moving I thought it needed it's own post.


It was so strange.

Michelle was out for the evening with our good friend Licia and I was home with Darian. I'd finally come around to the school of thought that maybe it was time to take him in to the professionals...and, I knew if I did take him to the vet that they would more than likely say it was time to put him down.

So, before Darian went to bed, I told her to say her goodbyes to Zak. With many a delicate pet to his head and many a tear from her, she did just that.

An hour later, Zak stumbled by our dinning room table, just under the gerbil cages, and wouldn't get up. I went to his side, hoping to get a look of recognition from him, maybe one of his trademark, familiar meows, but he was totally incoherent and shaking like a tree in a strong wind - that is, if the tree was having unbelievably bad dreams. Calling his name did nothing but make me sadder and drive home the fact that this was the last time we would be together while he was alive.

I was holding Zak's frail head in my hand when he took his last breath, a moment I will never forget. I hadn't cried like I did since Gala, sweet kitty, passed away just over a year ago. They were both the greatest.

I had Zak almost 20 years, longer than I have known many of my friends. He was one of a kind, a true original. He was always sweet, always happy to see you, and he had the coolest set of "eyebrows" I've ever seen on an all-white kitty and a crooked, “Cubist” or "Picasso-like" tail I've never seen before or since. He LOVED "people food" and I can still see the way his nostrils would flare every time we'd bring home fresh orders of teriyaki chicken, his absolute favorite I am sure. That's when he would unleash a fresh batch of those trademark meows I mentioned....again, one of a kind.

I take comfort in knowing that Zak lived long, loved life and was more than loved in return, and I'm glad that we were together when he went. He was more than just a cat or a pet to me - he was a force of nature and a true friend. We all missed him the instant he was gone.


Unknown said...

my heart bleeds for your loss. my mind reals in understanding. and my lungs fill with the breathe that should not be taken fore granted.

Deb Hardman said...

Gee Jon, you made me cry too. I loved Zack. I would've happily taken him for my own. He was a neat old guy, & I agree those were the loudest, deepest MEOWs I've ever heard. I'm glad you were home to say goodbye.


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