Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The New York trip was amazing!

We had such a great time, the hotel was perfect and the weather could not have been better. Got to catch up with some old friends and got to make some new friends. The only downer was on the third day when my camera decided to stop working. The memory card was corrupt or something. Anyhow, we fixed it by getting a new card, but I'm sad that I lost all of the photos from the first few days because they were some of the best days!

I will make a proper post about the many exciting things that happened later this week.

I made a few vids of Jon's Union Hall show, so I will post those here.

Golden Blunders:

Coming Right Along:

You Used to Drive Me Around:


Anonymous said...

Long time no hear, here I am, still reading your blog. Nice you tubes! Crazy camera, you want a new one, a Canon 350, this is your chance! Low price now.
Have you also you tubes from the last gigs from Ken and Jon?

Love from Nathalie Belgium


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