Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'll Never Leave You

Last evening we went and saw Nelson Sings Nilsson. This is something that has only been performed live three times as far as I know, and we have managed to see all three of them. Our lovely friends Mark & Suzy are visiting from the UK right now and they said they wanted to "See things they could not see at home"
It was a pretty amazing show, so much so, we ended up staying for both sets.
I made some Youtubes of it. I actually got told that I could not make videos, which I didn't realize was the case as I didn't see any signs posted anywhere and nobody bothered me at The Posies show the week before, so apparently I broke the rules by taping parts of this show. Oops. (You actually hear me get called out on one of the videos.)
There was a really strange Bollywood type opener on the 2nd set. I suppose that was good for the type of music it was, which isn't a type of music I've ever heard outside of a yoga studio, and the strangest mix with Harry Nilsson covers, but it was interesting. I will post a video of that later today when I get it up on Youtube. For now I have about 6 songs already posted, still have 3 more to post. Check the out HERE if you like!

Here is a photo I took when I borrowed Suzy's camera. This just proves to me that I REALLY need a high end camera ASAP!



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