Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Big Love

This is the time of year that I start renting full series on DVD.
Mostly for two reasons;
A: All of my favorite television shows go on their summer hiatus
B: I'm not particularly fond of hot weather. I grew up in some of the coldest places in the US. I wilt in heat and would prefer to stay home in my skivvies, with a fan pointed directly at me, while sipping Mohitos and watching DVDs. (Wow, that paints a pretty picture doesn't it? I'm really not that lazy. Am I?)

Last week I started watching a series I've been very curious about called Big Love.
I know, the title totally sounds like Plus Sized Porno doesn't it? Well, it is quite the opposite. It is a series about a Polygamist practicing Mormon family in Utah. One man, three very different wives, and a whole bunch of unremarkable kids.
Nearly every episode starts with some kind of HBO style sex scene which I think they do to try to keep it less vanilla, but other than that it is pretty... well... vanilla.
In the first few episodes I was getting pretty excited that it was going to be good, but now I am on episode six and I am already bored with the main story line.
They have introduced Juniper Creek which is, for all intent purposes, the Mormon Mafia. It has quickly turned into The Sopranos light. There isn't as much of the threat of death implied as there is the threat of excommunication. (Oh No's!!)
I'm finding myself not really liking any of the characters with the exception of the crazy mom Lois (played by the creepy and talented Grace Zabriskie) who I think I like because something about her character reminds me of some of my relatives. And I like the oldest daughter character, Sarah (Played by Amanda Seyfried) because there is something bewitching about her almost unreal doe eyed expressions. She's so striking looking it is almost scene stealing and the director takes advantage of that by giving her scenes where she uses batting eyelashes and coy head cocking more than actual dialogue.
Mid way through episode six I found myself wanting to hit fast forward to get through it faster. I'm going to try to wade through the rest of season one because I already rented it, but it will probably be with one eye on the screen and one eye on my laptop... Who knows, maybe it will pick up soon? It has not reached irredeemable for me just yet, but it is quickly getting there.

Next up I will be catching up with one of my favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with you. I love (love! love!) *Big Love* so much I want to marry it three times.

What I like about the show is that the 3 wives and countless kids (and other characters) multiply the usual family issues all at once. The Bill character must consistenly hold everything together (his family, his growing business, the drama with Roman, etc...) and he's always on the verge of imploding while trying to also keep a secret that will get his family shunned if it becomes public - which is much more important than being kicked out of the church.

Anyway...at least we agree *Curb Your Enthusiasm* is great! I love that show, too. :-)

Michelle Auer said...

I don't know, maybe it is a guy thing? I will admit that nearer to the finale it started to pick up again, but I don't thnk I will watch season two. sorry. :-(


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